Thursday, June 11, 2009

Powerful fatal attraction :-)

I never understood the meaning of shores lapping against my feet. Not all these years that I visited different beaches at different places. Not till I moved to Gopalpur-on-sea. The first two days at the Gopalpur beach were pretty normal though - I didn't get into the sea at all. I still couldn't escape the sand sprayed by the wind all over my hands, hair, face and clothes. I could feel the humidity in the air, the temperature cooling down, sultry-sweaty feel that almost drove me crazy, the saltiness in the water, and the sound of the lashing waves.

All I did during the first two visits was sit on the steps and watch the sea - just watch greedily. Or was I lusty and thirsty? Like the way you look at the face of your first love as a teenager. You want to hold him but are hesitant. You just have this insatiable longing to look at your beloved forever, and ever and ever! I was kind of feeling the same way. I am in love with the sea. I love water, I love the waves, I love the foam, the greenish-blue shade of the water, the orange-red glow of the sunset reflected in the water, and everything else that goes with it.

There's one thing about the sea, the water and the waves. The more you look at them, the more endearing they become. As the waves run towards you, to touch your feet, you get the overwhelming feeling of watching a baby crawling fast to hold your legs asking to be lifted up and held close. It's like hearing a toddler who is just learning to speak saying 'Hello Hello Hello' and going in circles around you. :-)

So there I was just watching as ever. This was my 4th trip to the beach in the past 3 days. And I could feel this powerful and fatal attraction pulling me to the sea. I could resist it no longer. I had to feel the water, not just sit and watch. I needed the touch of the water. I walked slowly and carefully towards my love (first or forever - I cared no more). And I needed the warmth of the water surrounding my feet. It felt like the first warm-loving hug you get after a long separation. And what can I say about the feel of the wet sand under my feet... it's almost like the first kiss - wet-dry-wet... :-)

And that's the sea and the beach for you - for now. There's more to come, with each of my experiences and observations. Keep reading!

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Sheeba said...

I hate u! tsk tsk...

I want to be there too:(