Thursday, August 13, 2009

Can you still say India is free?

This is a riposte (that I chanced upon and totally enjoyed reading) to a speech delivered recently in Hyderabad by our honourable ex-President Mr. Kalam about India being a great nation of scientists, and patriots (?). He probably used this speech, as he always does, to inspire umpteen youngsters who, at their impressionable age, might find it truly inspiring, completely agreeable, and extremely motivating. Maybe Mr. Kalam's success can be attributed to his incredible feat of being able to reach out to the right age group at the right time!

But what about cynics like us who find the facts of his speech and the so-called scientific achievements totally questionable? Agreed we also want an India which is shining and whose future is bright. Nevertheless, when we critically examine the contents of Mr. Kalam's speech and carefully scrutinise some of the issues discussed, people like us might want to understand the nature of the speech, question the motive behind showcasing India in such richer tones of greatness or whatever else he tried to attribute to the country and its scientific temper!

However, in true Indian spirit, I'd still love to offer a sincere salute to my country on the occasion of her 62nd Independence Day. Jai Hind!

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