Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Love has died, Long live Love

Watching movies on television in the cosy confines of your home at your own convenience is an experience in itself. The best part of home theatre is you've the option of forwarding certain awkward bits, rewinding to re-view your favorite parts, and watching just the songs if you're not too keen on sitting through an entire movie.

Okay! So? Why am I telling you all this? Because I recently watched two movies at home (long after their release of course) made in our very own backyard called Bollywood. And these happen to be completely different from each other. No, this post is not going to be a critical review of the films. It's more an expression of what was going on in my mind while watching them, and a reflection on the most important aspect of human life called relationships.

First it was Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna which was telecast on Set Max that set the ball rolling for my jumbled thoughts. I couldn't watch the entire movie though. Two days later, I happened to watch Jodha-AKbar - this time on my DVD player. And both movies kept me glued to the television. Why, you may wonder! Because of the deft handling of relationships in these flicks.

Ahhh yes!!! Relationships! My favorite topic of discussion. How my friends would love to vouch for it after being subjected to my umpteen impromptu gyan sessions!! True, I love talking about relationships because, to me, they are the be-all and end-all of my existence. I live because of the relationships I share with different people at different levels. I am what I'm because of the innumerable lessons I learnt from each relationship.

Some are strange, some are delicate. Some are intimate, some are just beautiful. Some are obligatory, some are courteous. And then there are some I cherish forever. Oh how I love relationships - probably that explains why these movies caught my attention instantly.

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna made me look at relationships in a brand new perspective as the story of the three couples offers a three-dimensional view. Besides the two married couples Dev-Rhea (Shah Rukh-Preity) and Rishi-Maya (Abhishek-Rani), we are witness to the blossoming relationship between Dev and Maya.

Let's, for some time, forget if these kind of relationships are acceptable in our culture and our country. I'm not a stickler for traditions and societal norms. I'm also not averse to the idea of couples falling out of love. I don't frown on the idea of a divorce or even an extra-marital affair. And this movie certainly raises bigger questions on marriage, love, and flings. Though I personally thought the movie falls flat in certain aspects, and fails to answer the questions convincingly enough, it does leave an indelible imprint.

Looking at each of the characters, the first person I could totally identify with was Rishi - a typical male whose violent reaction when he learns about his wife's affair looks entirely normal. Throwing stuff around, breaking valuables at home, pushing away the furniture - everything seems quite okay!!! The ultimate reality of an insecure male, and the couple's on-the-rocks marriage, comes to the fore when Rishi asks Maya, "Did you sleep with him? How was it? Did you have fun?"

There's something here that beats me totally. What becomes the basis of discord in a marital relationship becomes THE spicy ingredient in a new relationship. Maya who is unhappy with Rishi's 'physical approach to things as it's not everything in a relationship' finds herself willingly surrendering to her newfound love. Very strange! Either you like it or you don't. You can't be a hypocrite where sex is okay with a new person but not okay with your spouse!

Doesn't it say something about the institution called marriage? Since when has the new trend begun where marriage lost its charm and panache; where estranged couples are walking out without regret; where couples are getting in and out of relationships - and flings - as easily as choosing between a burger and a dosa; where monotony is the order of the day! Why have we come to a stage where we're craving for recognition, and looking for comfort outside of home, and marriage? Looks like the DINS syndrome has completely taken over the current generation.

Okay, wait a minute! Before we go off tangent criticising the age-old institution and questioning its very base, let's look at the other heart-warming tale of yet another couple - Jodha-Akbar. This movie is on another plain, slightly grounded in reality, and offers a positive perspective on life, marriage, love and relationships. The realization that even we're forced to travel through these terrains (sometimes smooth, sometimes rugged and sometimes rocky) in our own life, just like the couple in question, makes the movie that much more endearing.

No doubt the storyline is complicated, but it's unlike any of the movies that belong to the KANK genre. The movie is at a different emotional level altogether. The plot thickens as religious and political aspects, murderous plots and ego clashes, social awarenesses and economic conditions are brought out to the fore.

Surmounting all the negative aspects that come in the way of this relationship (religious differences, misunderstandings, treacheries, and ego clashes), the love between Akbar and Jodha emerges victorious. At the end of the struggle, all they have for each other are abundant love, unbeatable respect and an understanding that stems from a clear conscience and an excellent rapport. Like they say, the war (of egos) may have been lost but the battle is won.

Just like no two people are similar, no two relationships are alike. Jodha-Akbar shows us that love weathers the test of time and tide if the couple shares a beautiful friendship, perfect understanding and unrelenting love. More than the magnificent sets that depict the regality and the grandeur of the Mughal era, I was mesmerized and touched by the delicate handling of emotions, and relationships, in this movie.

To this amazing couple, and many such lovely couples (who inspire me in many ways), I dedicate this post. Long Live Love and Lovely Relationships!!


Sheeba said...

nice post, Shanit

bhavani said...

If all the couples are in so much love with each other then why do they fight so much :)

Bhavani said...

arree tat's not my comment, i didnt even read the post.. y u giving me free main gyan :)

memories said...

oh god! this other Bhavani is troubling my soul I say. Mistake happened off. A case of mistaken identity. One of you please decide to change your name. :(

memories said...

@ bhavani: Ego clashes are the main reason for fights between couples - not lack of love :-). Once people let go of a little ego and let understanding seep into the marriage, fights will automatically come down and love will flow more naturally...