Monday, October 26, 2009

Hats off to a zealous spirit

Okay, finally I managed to make a few amends to my daily routine and moved away from the 5.30 to 11.30 regimen... :-) Don't worry guys, I'm not going to repeat the entire timetable again. I was feeling kicked about the few changes in my life right now, and wanted to share it with you all.

But before I proceed with my own story, I want to congratulate two of my cousins through this post. While one of them finally mustered the courage to go ahead with her 'second innings of motherhood' after a gap of seven years, the other cousin's wife is expecting their first child. Hearty congratulations to both of you, and all the best for a safe 'innings'.

Now about me: I have some good news to share too (not the 'innings' kind, okay :-)! The major change is that I've started giving English tuitions to about 6 kids (of different age groups and backgrounds - I'll talk more about them in another post), and have been considering teaching English (weekly once/twice) to the inmates of an orphanage in the next lane. Only I need to find the time with a flurry of activity happening on the plot we have bought.

YESSSSSSSSSS! There's some progress with regards to the construction of our dream house - the sea-facing villa (well, not exactly a villa but it's nice to keep dreaming of one!!).
I managed to find a watchman called Heenu a.k.a. Prabhakar who's the most enthu person I've

come across so far in the past four months of my stay here. Without this 20+ young man's enthusiasm and passion for work, I wouldn't have been able to clear the 1/2-acre plot of weeds, chop off unwanted trees, and get a tractor owner to agree to plough the plot for just Rs. 750 :))).

Ain't I lucky to get an educated watchman who completed his metric exam, and can speak/ understand a bit of English too? Now he wants me to teach him "best English" so he can "talk to me in English properly":)))

A talented young guy, Heenu teaches students some dance moves during school annual day celebrations or dance competitions. He even travelled to Hyderabad to help young Hyderabadi school students get their dance steps right. That's our enthusiastic Heenu for you!

And yes, here's a glimpse of our plot and our spirited good Samaritan watchman. Thank you Heenu for just being there, and helping me with a lot of things without me ever having to ask you! I keep wondering if the world is a better and happier place because of nice, simple and hard-working people like him... Three cheers to his zealous spirit!

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Bhavani said...

I am happy for you mummy.. to see a plot covered with debris change to a nice dream home is a treat for your eye. I've seen that as a kid, probably didn't enjoy the construction as much as I enjoyed jumping into the heap of sand from the terrace :) Congrats on the progress, loads of good wishes for your dream home. It's gonna be lovely, I know that.

Love, Bhavs