Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bhala mano bura mano...


Okay, now comes the toughest part... and this time Rafi saab is singing Yeh na samjho ke har ek raah mein kaliyan hongi, raah chalni hai tho kaaton pe bhi chalna hoga... (Itni nazuk na bano) in the background. It feels good to know, though, that my favourite singer is still with me, pushing words of encouragement through my headset to my unsettled heart.

But before I present my list, let me confess that this is purely a personal choice, and it is not etched in stone-and-gold. Also, the list is random and the numbering is more for convenience than as an indication. Of course, my most favourite song remains the topmost song in the list(s).

And, I sincerely apologize to all Mohd. Rafi fans for daring to choose just a handful of songs while omitting the rest, and also for missing out on some other gems which you might think should have been included here. Anyway, here we go:
  1. Jaan-e-bahar husn tera bemisal hai - Haye Haye kya baat hai! I could never fathom the three-pronged effect the song has on me - always! The pure joy of the lyrics, the lilting music and the mesmerizing voice - that's the best combination anyone could ever ask for.
  2. Aaj mausam bada beimaan hai – and it remains beimaan through the time the master singer's voice creates ripples in your heart.
  3. Chhoo lene do nazuk honthon ko – I know, I know it's about alcohol... but the intoxicating effect is irresistibly tempting. Sigh!
  4. Aise to na dekho – Gasp gasp gasp!!! Can anybody else say it more convincingly and lovingly than him, I wonder! And my heart skips a beat each time Rafi saab sings Khoobsurat si koi humse khata ho jaaye...
  5. Yeh reshmi zulfein - What can I say about this song? I almost always refuse to come out of my reverie when I listen to this masterpiece.
  6. Baharon phool barsao - The beauty of the lyrics that come alive in Rafi's enchanting voice makes the song that much more endearing.
  7. Dur rehkar na karo baat – Hmmm, how can one not feel vulnerable when the invitation is so very enthralling?
  8. Chaudvin ka chand ho – I wonder if there's anyone else who can breathe life into the lyrics and make his beloved feel special, real, and beautiful.
  9. Hameen se mohabbat - Arrey maar daala duhaaii duhaaii!! I like this song simply for the line Udhar tumne teer-e-nazar dil pe maara, idhar humne bhi jaan kar chhot khayi :). Oh God, really!
  10. Tumne kisi ki jaan ko - I love this song just for his inflection especially when he sings meri jaan jaa rahi hai - if you pay attention to the way he renders the line after the second stanza (Ghabra rahi hai khudh bhi...) you'll know the kind of magic a singer can create with his inflection.
Here's another set of songs that kept flitting in and out of my list, but didn't make it to the Top 10:
  1. Tu mere samne hai
  2. Maine poocha chand se
  3. Chaudvi ka chand ho
  4. Aur kuch der thahar
  5. Ye jo chilman hai
  6. Nazar na lag jaaye
  7. Hai duniya usiki
  8. Tumne mujhe dekha
  9. Aye phoolon ki rani
  10. Tum jo mil gaye ho
  11. Teri aankhon ke siva
  12. Ba-hosh O hawaas mein
  13. Maane na mera dil deewana
  14. Yun rootho na haseena
  15. Aye nargis-e-mastana
Do let me know your views. Keep those suggestions, comments, and additions coming!

To be concluded...
This post is dedicated to a close friend who's also a fan of Mohd. Rafi, and shares his birthday with the legendary singer :). Happy Birthday Aniket!!

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