Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Of bikes and gyan sessions...

Today I had my first gyan session after ages! I am still trying to recollect when was the last time I had a counselling session and with whom... Was it my last boss trying to pep talk me into how to handle a project better and remotely? Or was it my mom trying to persuade me to have another baby? Maybe it was my husband trying to convince me to move out of journalism and join an MNC when I was too hesitant to take the leap?

I don't remember exactly how and what those sessions were like. But today's is something I'll probably never forget... because it has come from the MOST UNEXPECTED source and how! Yes, it was my seven-year-old devil again who had another brief conversation with me over lunch. SIGH!

I guess God alone knows how the mind of a seven-year-old works. So suddenly her mind was wandering towards bikes and women drivers (Why, oh why!) and S bursts out in her usual bubbly tone, with the similar touch of enthusiastic inquisitiveness:

S: Amma, why don't you drive a bike?
Me: Do you want to know the truth or can I tell a lie?
S: Tell me the truth amma.
Me: I'm scared.
S: (with a mischievous smile mingled with a concerned look) What is the lie?
Me: You know the truth, why do you need the lie now?
S: I want to know what you'll say... I think I can guess, but you tell me no. Please!
Me: Okay, I'd have said... I'm not interested.
S: I knew it. I thought you'll say that only or you'll say 'I like driving a car'.
Me: Hmmm... now you know!
S: I know you've this car mentality (wonder where she picked up the word) and so you're scared of driving a bike.
Me: (kept gawking at her with a 'what the...' expression on my face) Who told you?
S: I heard when you were telling nanna...
Me: Hmmm....
S: But you should get over your fear no amma, and drive a bike. It's easy.
Me: (thinking in my head 'what do you know...') Hmmm...

So, is it really time for me to retire to the Himalayas to live in peace and not worry about bikes, driving and daughters?


Elke said...

Car mentality!...Shanti...she has so totally judged you there! She is sounding more and more like Sheebs! Lol!

bhavani said...

Are you making it up like journalists I know or is she saying all the stuff you say she is saying? Hhahaha

memories said...

@Elke: Yes Lachi, totally agree with you!
@bhavani: I wish... I really wish I could make up all these things she says and stop her mind from thinking bigger things so fast!

Bhavani said...

Lol. Lesson learnt: Don't disclose your weakness in public(aka a super intelligent daughter around)

the works of my mind said...

Your lil one is smart. All lil ones around are a much smarter generation than us.