Monday, June 28, 2010

MA, MB, MC, MD, MS & many more Ms

Another day. Another conversation. But this time it wasn't me who was subjected to the torrent of my daughter's outbursts. It was her grandmother who had to patiently face little S's relentless rapidfire question session. And this is how the conversation went on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

S: Ammamma, did you study MB?
A: Huh? What's that?
S: Abbaaaaa... you didn't understand? Did you do MB? Just like my amma and nanna studied MA, did you study MB?
A: Yes, I studied MB, MC, MD, and many more Ms.
S: (extremely happy to have found somebody who is much more educated than her parents) Ah, okay. What else did you study?
A: I studied MA, MBA, MCA, MBBS, BTech, BE, MS, PhD... I've done all of it.
S: Then why were you not working like amma?
A: Your mother is also not working now.
S: Yes, but she used to work before no... why didn't you also work like her?
A: I couldn't work because I don't know how to use computers. That's the only thing I didn't study. And nobody gave me a job without learning computers.
S: Then you could have learned computers and worked no.
A: They all said I should know computers if I've to work and I couldn't learn.
S: But why? You should have learned just like amma, nanna and mama.
A: But there were no computers at that time. So nobody could teach me also.
S: Okay...

Pauses thoughtfully for a brief while before some brilliant thought crosses her mind and is reflected in her big, bright eyes.

S: Wait, if there were no computers when you were small how can the job people ask you to learn computers?
A: I don't know but they all asked.
S: But how can they tell you that when there are no computers only!! That's wrong no!
A: (smiles speechlessly) ...

And now, isn't it unfair that the "job people" (employers) tormented little S's grandmother and refused to give her a job just because she doesn't know how to operate a computer? Poor grandmother, and poor little granddaughter!


Bhavani said...

hahahah if only she was part of the hiring committee...

Usha said...

See, that is why I maintain; don't try to kid with kids :D