Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Of snakes, spiders and scares!

Today thou shall all be treated to a quiet recording of banter between two cousins (of almost the same age) in a smallish car travelling on the smallest path in a smaller village...

S: I told you not to roll down those windows.
N: But it's hot and I want air.
S: Amma switched on the fan no! And it's evening. It's not even afternoon. Why do you want the windows to be opened?
N: (adamant) Because I don't like it if it is hot.
S: (equally adamant) Then you go and sit in the front and open those windows.
N: But atta is driving. I don't want to disturb her. And why should I go? You go if you don't want to sit near open windows.
S: (a bit nervous and apprehensive about revealing her fears) There are snakes hiding in these trees, and they'll come inside if you keep the windows open.
N: I don't believe you. And I'm not scared of snakes anyway.
S: But I'm scared of snakes.
N: Why? They don't do anything. I've seen snakes a lot of times.
S: I also saw snakes at my atta's house sometimes. But I'm scared of them. We will die if they come inside the car and bite us.
N: If you don't do anything, they don't bite us.
S: Why are you behaving like that? You're also scared of something I'm sure. All children are scared of something...
N: I'm not scared of snakes. I'm only scared of lions and tigers.
S: But they don't stay in the village or come here. Then why are you scared of them? I am not scared of lions and tigers at all.
N: (teasing) But you're scared of snakes.
S: (sulking) Yes because they can come and bite us now also.
N: What else are you scared of?
S: I'm scared of spiders also.
N: (laughing out loud) But why? They're very small and they don't bite also.
S: No, they also bite. And it's okay if I'm a boy and they bite me. But I'm a girl no. That's why I'm scared.
N: Huh?
S: You know, if a spider bites a boy he'll become Spiderman once he becomes big. But I don't know if a girl can become Spiderwoman if the spider bites her.
N: Ohhh...

N and S are still lost in thought when I switched off my mental record button and killed the car's engine as well. The house is in sight, and the girls are in mirth as they spot their one-year-old brother running towards them. And there ends our sweet banter, and the complex thought process too!!

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bhavani said...

Good that we have simple fears and worries that are real rather than, complex fears and worries like money, house, courts, politicians and other fearful things that adults have to worry about.