Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No IGNOU, only Univ... UFFFFF!!

After a restless, sleepless and seemingly endless night, laughter, mirth and amusement would be the last things on anyone's mind. And if you've had one of those serious discussions (a.k.a 'big fight') with your spouse late at night (that led to the insomnia in the first place), you can hardly imagine the sun to shine as bright as ever in the morning! But when a phone call wakes you up in a totally confused and drowsy state when you're almost asleep and sleep-talking during most part of the conversation - hardly aware of what you're thinking or saying - you certainly would end up providing comic relief to the caller and make his day!

Though I've always been popular (especially at work) for providing comic relief, my wit and sense of humour go for a toss when my anger reached its boiling point the previous night. And not being the one to easily forget and move on, the brooder in me constantly keeps reminding me of the need for Kleenex every few minutes.

And so S was caught completely off guard when he called in the morning to find out how wifey dear is doing after last night's lost-temper-coupled-with-copious-tears-n-controlled-sobs. No wonder, S called many times later in the day to thank me for 'making his day' after a tension-filled night!

There definitely is something comical about me. Read on to decide if you agree with me!

Tring tring... tring tring... tring tring and many more trings later...

S: Hello, how're you?
Me: (Totally drowsy) Fine.
S: Are you driving? You took so long to pick up the call.
Me: Sleeping.
S: Oh okay. Well, I'll call you later then.
Me: Okay. Hey tell me one thing...
S: Yeah? 
(I wonder if he expected me to ask him if he still loves me since I fought so bitterly in the night. That would have been the typical me. But somehow that was the last of my worries. I guess I had more pressing things on mind.)
Me: Did I complete my M.A.?
Me: Did I finish my M.A. or no?
S: Of course you did. Why are you asking?
Me: Then why are you asking me to complete it from IGNOU?
S: (Thoroughly bewildered) When did I ask you to do so?
Me: Never mind. I want to complete my M.A. from University (meaning University of Hyderabad), not IGNOU. Or was it ANGRAU?
S: (Burst out laughing) But you completed it already from University. You had U.M., D.A., and XYZ (now I forget the other name S mentioned, pardon me) for your classmates. And you were taught by teachers like Prof. Merchant.
Me: Whatever... I still want to do it from University only. Since anyway I'm not working or doing anything right now I want to complete the second year in University only.
(I can hear S's continuous, uncontrolled laughter in the background. But I had to fight my case and prove my point).
Me: I've already told my tuition students that I've completed my M.A. in English from the University. So I can't let them know that I've another year to study and I shouldn't do it from IGNOU. If they find out, my students will stop coming to me for tuition.
(Bah, why is he laughing non-stop and interrupting my thought process... nonsense!)
S: (Says in a sympathetic tone, after taking a short break from his evil laughter) Okay you can complete it now, I mean immediately. Just sleep now and when you wake up, you'd have completed your studies. Good luck and goodnight!
Me: Yeah, okay, bye!

Now who wouldn't want to forgive, love, and live with such a silly spouse! 

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bhavani said...

can't stop laughing even now.
either it was plato or aristotle (i refuse to google it) who said that if we were to be punished for our dreams all of us wud be in jail. but this one is a real hilarious one. keep em coming, sleep more and write more :)