Friday, February 19, 2010

In pursuit of happiness...

On a particularly disturbing dreary evening, I sat staring at the sea thinking about things that pushed me into this abysmal agony. It was then I realized there were irritants bothering me and I'm in pursuit of happiness... Life is hard. Life is harsh. Life is cruel. So? When did anyone ever say life is easy? Life is like that bhai! Since you can't quit right now, you may as well enjoy!

But, I wondered, how can one be happy always amid such frenzy and agony? Quite simple actually, if you set your mind to it! I believe 'Ignorance is bliss,' and what doesn't touch (reach) you doesn't (should't) hurt you. Okay let me make it simpler and clearer.

Life, to me, is a gift to be enjoyed and not wasted away! And I've a few mantras for happiness. They work for me; I hope some of these work for you too...

10. See the sea and the sun: I don't mean that you travel hundreds of miles to look at the sea literally! A quick break away from stress and buzz is all you need to rejuvenate and reinvent yourself. Just an hour off from work will enable you to watch the setting sun with a new joy.

9. Happiness is within, not with or without: Don't you think so? How can the presence or absence of something or someone make you happy/unhappy? Nobody can ever take away what you have within yourself - your core, inner strength, beauty, power, confidence, the meaning of your existence. Try a quick inward introspective session. It really helps to see what you actually want and what can make you, and keep you, happy.

8. Nobody besides yourself can make you sad: Trust me on this one! It's not what others say or do that agonizes you. It's your reaction to those words or actions and your willingness to wallow in pain and misery that make you unhappy. If you're okay doing this, then don't blame "others" for making a puppet of you and playing with your emotions, feelings, and heart as it's you who left the reins of your life in someone else's hands.

7. Hug a child (even if it's not your own): Children have the natural ability to spread cheer and happiness. So when life looks down on you, you look up to a child and bring that pleasant smile back on your face.

6. Small joys are better than bigger goals: Agreed you want to own a chain of businesses a la the Birlas or the Tatas. But while working towards your life's biggest goal, ignoring smaller joys will rob you of greater happiness. Take time out to enjoy a pleasant evening with family, the first drops of rainfall, a bunch of roses, your child's first words/ steps, good movies or music, a nice cup of hot coffee...

5. Chhodo kal ki baatein... : ...Kal ki baat purani ! Always think ahead, and avoid living in the past. The only good thing about the past is that it gives you enough experience and lessons about not repeating your mistakes. Beyond that, there's no point in looking back. Forgive, forget and move on!

4. Weed out irritants from your life garden: Don't give scope for bad thoughts, irritable people, and artificial obligatory relationships. Remember weeds of all kinds need to be plucked out if you want to save your garden. Never make the mistake of maintaining money-based relationships - they're dicey and they don't last long.

3. It's okay to pursue material comforts: True, money and material comforts are not as important as people and relationships. But if these can bring you momentary happiness and make your day, you may as well work towards gaining them before turning philosophers. Nobody can be a good karma yogi without being a good bhogi (pleasure seeker). If you're eying the new BMW/ Porsche, Prada accessories, new freaky gadget, a bicycle worth a few lakhs, and acquiring it is your only mantra for happiness, let that be so. Work out your strategies around that pursuit.

2. Pursue a hobby: Music is my biggest 'H' factor. It helps me unwind quicker and better. Sing along aloud, listen quietly, or just cry your heart out - whatever it takes to be normal. If gardening does the trick for you, go ahead! Sports. Swimming. Dancing. Writing. Reading. Anything. Do something that makes you genuinely happy.

1. Get tired, and feel rejuvenated: It could be a long workout session in the gym to tone your body, pump your muscles, or the works. It could also be a brisk walk/ jog regimen in the nearest park. Or, better still, a relaxing between-the-sheets activity helps the release of much-needed Endorphins in your body and keeps your spirits up. [Don't trust me? Check Wikipedia :).]

So, what do you think? Have more such, or better, mantras? Please do share your tips to drive away depression and make us happier :) !!

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Sheeba said...

Awesome! Liked the material wealth part and 'Don't give scope for bad thoughts, irritable people, and artificial obligatory relationships. ' part.