Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My little princess is growing up...

It's been ages since I heard Slipping through my fingers (Abba) but I was suddenly reminded of this song when my daughter and I were enjoying a quiet dinner just a few minutes ago. Reason? The conversation we had or rather my daughter's ability to surprise me with her observations via her monologue.

And thus went our short-and-sweet conversation:

S: Amma, can I ask you one thing?
Me: Hmmm...
S: I've observed one thing about you... actually I've observed three things.
Me: (quietly raised my eyebrows while taking another bite of my dinner).
S: (lists out her three observations):
  1. You don't make noise while chewing... which I can't do.
  2. You eat very fast.
  3. You don't talk much while eating...
Me: (my head reeling, 'Oh my God, what's with this girl?')
S: That is correct no...
Me: (done with my dinner, went to leave the plate in the sink and wash my hand)
S: Amma, can you teach me how to eat fast?
Me: (silent)
S: Amma, also when you're telling me how to chew without making noise, I'm not able to do it properly...
Me: (silent still)
S: And will you please tell me how to keep quiet? I am always talking and I don't keep quiet even for a minute.
Me: (just kept gaping at the little girl wide-eyed)
S: Amma, can you please talk to me while eating - means you just keep talking very fast and keep asking me questions. You ask one question after the other so I'll not be able to talk and I'll learn to keep quiet.
Me: (Still thinking in my head "Is this my daughter? I think I'm insane or she is more than mature for her age") Time to sleep beta, let's go!

She has not only pinpointed the problem at hand, but has also offered me a solution - all in a span of 3 minutes!!!

Slipping through my fingers... Really! Sigh!


Usha said...

:) I'd like to watch her chew noisily before she outgrows that!

Moo said...



Ruthu said...

Awww :) these are the kind of moments that make our mostly mundane lives interesting and worthwhile...