Thursday, February 11, 2010

Of cute girls, and tough career choices...

What do you do when your child refuses to stay put... and enjoy the bliss of being a child while it lasts? Nothing, I guess. You just go along the flow and let the monologues surprise you time and again. So today my daughter's semi-monologue revolved around career planning.

God, was I was taken aback at the complexity of her thoughts, the intricacies of her mind, and the dilemma(s) of a seven-year-old career planner. Soon I realized that cute little girls too have it tough when it comes to careers.

According to S, she has three very difficult choices to make - as far as her career goes - besides the two other choices her teacher forced all the girls in the class to think about. Okay, let's start with the teacher's choices -- my daughter's question literally pulled me out of my reverie! Talk of gender equality in this land!!

S: Amma, can girls also become doctors?

Me: Of course yes, Why not?

S: My teacher asked us to write in our book 'I want to become a nurse when I grow up and she said boys can choose between a soldier and a doctor.'

Me: (Oh wow! Isn't my daughter lucky to have a teacher who thinks she should become a nurse?) Everybody can become whatever they want beta! You can become a doctor, or you can even become a soldier if you like.

S looks like she's lost in deep thought for a while before she answers, 'but I don't want to become a doctor. I still wrote in my notebook that I want to become a doctor so that I can save people's lives'.

Me: Wow, that's nice...

S: But amma, I don't want to become a doctor. Can I become a singer?

Me: (Hmmmm) Yes, I guess you can.

S: Amma, can I become a dancer also?

Me: (Hmph! I hate TV and reality shows) Why not?

S: But I want to become an oceanographer and go into the sea. Can I become all three?

Me: Maybe you can if you... (was about to start a lecture on how she should concentrate on her studies, study well and more, and watch less TV, etc.)

My smart daughter sensed the impending ordeal I'm about to put her through and quickly blurted out the problems she foresees with her choices.

S: Amma, it's so difficult if I've to learn all the three no!

Me: Not really. You can sing anytime - all your life even while bathing, cooking, sitting, standing, walking... (hiding my sheepish smiles) probably you can dance under water when you become an oceanographer!

S: But amma, it'll be difficult no... I've to teach some students music, I've to teach some other students dance... then I've to go to the beach to go into the ocean. And I've to go there on time because they'll keep asking me to come fast, everybody will be waiting for me - even TV people - because I've to go inside water with a mike and speak, then they'll record it and show on Animal Planet! How can I go everywhere on time - I have to first learn to get up on time and do things faster.. oh my God how will I do so many things!!

Now you see, the real problems of cute little girls! Looks like they certainly have more problems on hand than most adults do... May God give all little princesses some peace of mind and strength so they can plan their careers smart, and well ahead in life!


bhavani said...

Hilarious. But enjoy the day have fun. perhaps u can write a book reality tv meets real life. or in hindi Teacher, TV aur meri Beti :)

sohini said...

lol...u dont have to worry at all shanti...ur daughter has figured it all out...

Usha said...

lol, i like bhavani's comment and disagree with sohini. if i were you, shanti, i'd start worrying rightaway. why is this kid so keen on figuring out ways to be grown up? just send her to play with other kids her age and accost her teacher to get her to keep her sexist ideas to herself!

Bhavani said...

Hey Bapu, don't use my name to comment..

Shanti, change the School NOW(even better, start your school soon
) and give a whack to that teacher who's teaching her things way ahead of time...