Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Conversation on a cool eve

God seems to have chosen some real feel-good moments and opportunities for revelation(s) for me at the most unexpected times, and from unexpected quarters. 

A very close friend of mine was coming down from the national capital on a short visit over the last (long) weekend. So there we were in the car, en route to the station to pick her up. Daughter was in the back seat while the husband was sitting next to his best chauffeur-cum-spouse. 

Time: 9.30 p.m.

It was a pretty cool drive on a cooler night with a cooler breeze and the coolest company. Of course, the car wasn't really cool so suddenly senior S (SS) turned around and encountered junior S (JS) in a semi-serious tone.

SS: Do you think we should buy a bigger and better car?
JS: I don't know nanna... I'm very small (Of course she means 'young'). You should only decide no! Why are you asking me? 
SS: Because I want to know your opinion. So since I'm asking you, tell me what do you think.
JS: We can buy a bigger car but we should keep the bike also. 

Before SS could say anything, I intervened and said, "Of course, we're going to keep the bike and this car as well! So... what do you think?"

JS: No amma... we shouldn't do that. If we want to buy another car, we'll have to sell this one.
SS: Why S... we don't have to sell this car to buy another. We can have both the cars and the bike as well.
JS: No... if we sell this car then somebody who wants a car will buy it and use it. And then there will be one car less on the road. That means less traffic.
SS: (Thoroughly astonished by the logic) Hmmm... okay!
JS: It will also mean some petrol can be saved. We should help save petrol no!

Now, can you actually beat that logic?

SS: Very good! And all that is fine! But what kind of car should we buy?
JS: I don't mind any car in which I can sleep comfortably in the back seat... because I'm sleepy right now (giggling). Goodnight!

Seriously, I can't remember if I ever analyzed a problem with such complicated thought process and came up with a solution in less than a few seconds. And that too when I was barely nine... May you have a good night my little girl, and many more such good thoughts! Amen!


Moo said...


Nobodyville Street said...

Please do give her a hug from me and a Bournville chocolate as appreciation. Beautiful logic.. and if u think about it its very uncomplicated. we adults look at life through a glass full of vines :)

Usha said...

Where does she get all these ideas from?! Beats me!

prabs said...

<3 to JS...bilkul apne maa pe gayi hain...